Over watering has been something homeowners, public water agencies, property managers and landscapers try to avoid.  With the increasing water scarcity, this problem has been brought into the spotlight.  No matter how efficient an irrigation controller’s watering schedule is, it must take into account constantly changing weather conditions - specifically evapotranspiration (ET) and rainfall.

This simple, powerful irrigation management solution works with virtually any controller, converting a conventional irrigation system into a weather-smart one that adjusts itself according to accurate real-time weather data. The ET System helps to maintain the optimum moisture balance in your soil. As the weather changes, your ET System receives updates automatically every hour and only allows your controller to water when needed. The result: significant water savings, deeper root systems, and a healthier landscape.   The ET System results in a dramatic savings in your water bill (about 30%, on average), healthier root zones, and your participation in conserving our precious natural resources.